the afterlife

This details all of the rules of the afterlife, including guidelines for the different characters, breedings, soul steals, battling, and the circle hierarchies.

01. There are three major sections of the Afterlife: Asphodel, Utopia, and the Underworld.

02. When a horse dies, they go to Asphodel. Asphodel functions as a Freeland for Afterlife horses. There are no rankings here. When you would like to have your character join Asphodel, you must post in the Asphodel resident list.

03. Utopia fights for the cause of good and justice in the world and is typically filled with equines of good intentions. The Underworld strives for chaos and evil and is filled with equines who are usually evil at heart. Utopia and the Underworld both have two leaders, one male and one female. You can read more about each of them in their respective pages.

04. Asphodel horses can work their way toward either Utopia or the Underworld if they wish. In order to do this they must go to the respective leaders and apply to get in. You may do this in the "Judgment board." Make sure you read through what Utopia and the Underworld require for entry!

05. For the most part, Afterlife horses in general can be seen and touched by the living. Please read the page about specific types of characters for more information.

06. If you wish to bring a character of yours back to life after they have died and been posted in the Cemetery board, you may do so through the Afterlife. Characters in Utopia/The Underworld can appeal to their respective leaders for reincarnation. Characters in Asphodel can also appeal to either Utopia or the Underworld to request reincarnation. Reincarnated characters will not remember their past life immediately from birth, but may gradually remember it as they age.

If the Lord/Lady agrees to do so, you must fulfill the following requirements;

- You must find either a relative or a willing or unwilling mother to birth the reincarnated character.
- The character seeking reincarnation must thread with the mother and have a minimum of 2 posts each. This thread must be linked to in the breeding post. The father can be included in the thread, but they are not required to be.
- The normal breeding thread or a donor item is also required for the breeding.
- Reincarnated characters cannot be the fathers or mothers of their own reincarnation.

Please note that reincarnated characters will not look exactly like the original character, as their stats will be rolled just like any other birth.