Information on battling rules and judging are below.

01. Battles are usually fought over lands or a character although other things can also be fought over (i.e. child custody, breeding rights, bragging rights etc.). Battles on Wild Equines consist of a set amount of hits and dodges and a time limit to reply. Hits, dodges, time limits, and extensions are all decided upon between the two competitors. The time to reply begins from the exact time the post was made. An example would be: Two hits, one dodge, three days to reply. Roleplayer #1 posted on Jan 13th at 3:45pm (GMT-7), Roleplayer #2 has to post before Jan 16th at 3:45pm (GMT-7).

02. Horses must be at least two years old to participate in battles. They can be of any rank, alliance, or gender. To challenge for either a land or a character, your character must approach the current owner of the land or the character involved IC to discuss the terms of the challenge.

03. Land challenges may only be accepted by the Leads and the Betas. If neither are available (i.e. they have both posted away), then a regular herd member OR an ally may step up to accept the challenge.

By owning a mainland, you are accepting the possibility that you will be challenged for the land. You may not refuse a challenge unless you have an outstanding reason to not complete the challenge, or the challenger is willing to plot or compromise.

04. Any character involved in a challenge for another character may accept the challenge (this includes, mates, friends, family, allies, etc.).

05. The Judging Process: When the battle has ended, one of the competitors must make a note of this. A staff member will then step forward as a tally person.

The tally person is not a judge, but is responsible for finding judges, obtaining the scores, and posting the results in a timely manner. They will keep the competitors updated on what stage they are in the judging process using the form provided and will update it as the process progresses.

The tally person will contact three other members or staff from the judging list to judge the battle. The judges will remain anonymous - only the tally person will know who they are. Judges should take no more than three days to complete their judging. If a judge takes longer than three days, it is up to the tally person to find a replacement judge.

The judges will judge the battle by using the form provided. Our scoring system is based on deductions. Each section will begin with a score of 5 and for every error, either 0.5 or 1 point will be docked - 0.5 for minor errors, 1 for major errors. Judges must always have a reason for docking points.

Once all three judges have completed the forms, the tally person will tally up the scores and post the results to the battle.