These are the breeding rules for Wild Equines.

01. WE does not permit graphic breeding or birthing. This is against not only WE's rules, but also ProBoards TOS.

02. A horse must be at least two years to breed.

03. Once your horses have bred, you must go to Tulor Woods and post their stats. Only each parent can post their own stats (unless given other instructions) and then a staff member will post your foal stats (you may not request particular staff). You may roleplay them as soon as you post their name in the "New Names" board.

04. Staff members are not allowed to create their own stats.

05. When both players have come up with a name, we ask that you please post (using the form) in the New Foal Names sub-board. This allows us to get the foal's name up on the character directory so nobody else uses it.

06. If you are unsatisfied with your foal, you may go to the store and buy what you would like fixed. Do not ask for something that can be brought in the store.

07. You may breed living horses with the afterlife horses to produce a Nephilim or a Cambion. You may also breed two dead horses to receive a Seraph or Fiend. Please refer to the Afterlife tab for the extended version of the dead breeding rules.

08. Any one member may only have 12 breedings throughout the year unless they purchase additional breedings from the store. We keep track of the 12 breedings in the breeding thread in Tulor Woods.

09. Donor breedings are allowed, however they must be bought through the WE store. Otherwise, you must have roleplayed the characters out in a thread previously, with at least two posts from each involved member.

10. To avoid confusion and disappointment, if agreeing to a breeding it is suggested that you have an understanding of expectations from the other roleplayer involved. Be sure you understand what the roleplayer wants from the foal, who they want to roleplay it, what changes they want to make to it and so on.

11. Please do not post foal stats unless the foals are ready to be made - this means that in the IC thread, two posts have been made by each involved party, or a donor breeding has been purchased from the store.