canon characters

Below are the rules that govern our different canon characters and their roles and responsibilities.

What is a canon character?
Canon characters are those who hold a specific position or rank within Wild Equines. They might be a part of certain groups that only canons are welcome within. Canon characters must be at least two years of age.

How can you get a canon character?
When there is an opening for canon positions, auditions will be held to fill the spot. You will have to fill out the form provided by the member who is running the auditions. These forms may vary between canon positions, depending on what is required of that specific position. In addition, some canon positions offer “apprentice” positions, and apprentices, should they have fulfilled the requirements, will be the first offered the open position before auditions are held.

Canon auditions are judged by staff members (with at least one admin involved) and the other canon holders in the group. For example, if there is a Helkaer audition, the other members who hold Helkaer canons will be asked to help judge the audition.

Wild Equines is home to 5 different groups of canon characters.

- The Royals
- The Versai
- The Vigilum
- The Helkaer
- The Afterlife

In addition, the Versai, the Vigilum, and the Helkaer, each take on 4 apprenticeship canon positions as well. These positions also have activity requirements and should the apprentice fulfill the requirements laid out by the canon groups, the apprentice will receive the canon position if a spot opens up. You can read more about Canon Apprentices on the Canon Apprentice page.

canon rules

01. You need to keep canon characters active! Failure to do so will result in you giving up your position. If a roleplayer does not post for more than 15 days WITH their canon character, then they forfeit their position. The 15 days begins from the last time posted with said character, whether or not they have posted in the away board. If you have outstanding circumstances that you literally cannot get online to post, you must let a staff member know before hand, and it must be for a legitimate reason (ie. lack of internet, family matter, etc).

02. If you kill off a canon character, you may only replace them with a member of their family such as a child or sibling, and this may only be passed on to a character that is played by the roleplayer who held the position in the first place. If the character is not family, the position must be put back up for audition. Please see individual rules located in the canon boards for additional rules and information. The only exception to this rule is that if you wish to pass down your canon position to a family member, and it is a character you do not play, you can contact staff and they will hold auditions for that character.

03. If you play a Versai, you cannot play a Helkaer and vice versa. If you play an Underworld leader, you cannot play a Utopia leader and vice versa. You may not play both positions for a specific canon, such as both the Dark King and Queen.

04. If someone gives up or loses their canon position they cannot apply in the next immediate audition for that position again. This is true of both regular canon positions and canon apprenticeship positions. If you lost a canon apprenticeship within the last 3 months, you are not allowed to audition for a full canon position.

05. Work in progress (WIP) posts are not allowed in auditions. All posts must be completed auditions or they will be deleted.

06. WE has Canon Activity thread. All members that play a canon character must update this thread if they want to keep their spot. When staff go over active dates this is the date they will look at.

07. If you have missed a deadline for posting your canon, you will receive a warning pm from a staff member. After this, you have three days to make a post otherwise you forfeit your position. If you do make a post in this amount of time, then you keep your position, but will have a warning. If you fail to meet the deadline again, you will automatically lose your position.

canon powers

When playing a Versai, Vigilum or Helkaer, the position will come with a brand and special powers. These powers are granted through a ritual performed at each groups' respective pool. (The pools of Rightousness, Justice and Discord under the Elysian Rivers freeland.) Only those who are already a member of the canon group and bear a brand can perform the ritual to induct new members. The ritual will consist of the current members chanting in an unknown language while the new member drinks from the pool. When complete, the new member will earn a brand and the ability to call upon the power at any time by directing their thoughts to the pool. Should a member ever leave the group, their brand and connection to the pool will disappear, leaving them unable to perform the ritual or call upon their powers.

This ritual was learned when the rivers called upon each of the groups and it granted the knowledge to each member then. When that shift in power occured, the rivers became the source of it, making the afterlife now unable to grant the brands and powers as they once had.

For further information on these powers, please see the group specific pages.