These are the rules for land ownership and dynamics on Wild Equines.

01. Each roleplayer may have up to three Main lands (one of each alliance: Dark, Light, Neutral). This does not include canon lands.

02. To claim a mainland that is open, you must abide by the law of the royals who are in charge of the alliance. Please reference the specific Royals Laws and Regulations (will be found in threads in their kingdom) to fulfill their requirements. Please note that by claiming a mainland you are agreeing to the rule of the royals currently in charge.

03. If you are challenging for a land, or claiming a land that was previously resided in, you must post IC and wait 3 days to provide the previous owner a chance to respond. If there is no response in this time, you will automatically be awarded the land. If the post is responded to (and this must be done in a completed IC post), then you may challenge the owner in a fight, or determine another option with this roleplayer. However, each person must respond to each other within 3 days or either the land or challenge is forfeited, unless the roleplayers have come to another agreement. Again, certain royals have specific rules in regards to challenges for Main lands, so please address this first.

04. The land holder is the one that claimed the land, even if the mate or another equine acts more dominant. Please include this in your stats for the land.

05. Main land owners govern the sub-lands under their lands. If you wish to claim or create a sub-land underneath them, then you must contact the Main land owner. It is up to them whether or not your character gets the sub-land. Sub-lands cannot be challenged for.

06. Once a land has moved under new ownership, the land is off limits for a minimum of 2 weeks before it can be challenged for.

07. Canon lands cannot be challenged for. Canon lands are awarded on an audition basis.

08. Canon lands such as the Highlands and the Outlands may not have sub-lands. The Royals are exempt from this.

09. When creating land descriptions, please address the Land Description Guide.