The lands of Wild Equines used to be occupied by humans, but the humans departed the area long ago. Today, the horses that live here do not come into contact with humans unless they wander far outside of the land's borders. However, the lands are not untouched by humans as some of their structures still remain in some of the lands today - which the inhabitants have taken over and modified for their own uses.

In the beginning, the horses here lived free, wandering the lands as they pleased. Gradually, herds started to form. The natures of the different horses began to separate them into what are now called "alliances." Darks banded together first, wanting to separate themselves from those they considered soft and weak. Lights banded together in reaction and Neutrals rose from those who did not choose a path. Each of the alliances claimed different territories. Eventually, one horse in the Dark territories decided to lord over all of the rest and became the first "Royal." The other alliances followed suit and thus the first pairs of Kings and Queens ruled over the territories.

It was then that the first leaders of the Afterlife rose, though they were weak and only to be seen by those gifted enough to perceive them. Gradually, they gained power and influence as more souls joined their ranks.

After many years, a stallion named Kvothe Kingkiller, disgusted with Royal rule and wanting to form a group of assassins for hire, broke away from the Dark territories and took residence in the Outlands - a place separated from the allianced territories by a vast desert called the Caerali Desert. He invited those of like minds to join him and they did. And thus, the first group of Helkaer were formed, a group of six stallions and one mare. Eventually the Helkaer grew away from their assassin for hire vision and expanded to an extremist group with a "survival of the fittest" mentality.

Seeing the havoc the Helkaer were causing, a mare named Isabeau gathered her own followers and formed the Versai, a Light extremist group taking residence in the beautiful Highlands. The group swore to fight against evil and to convert every Dark that they could to the Light.

The absense of a true neutral group was starting to be felt among Wild Equines and thus came the Vigilum, a group made up of neutral, fair-minded equines, who did their best to police and spread fairness, equality, and justice throughout the lands of Wild Equines.

As the Afterlife grew in strength, the leaders decided to place blessings upon each of the splinter groups, granting fire to the Helkaer, water to the Versai, and healing and lie detection to the Vigilum.

With the lands in a perilous balance between the splinter groups, the rule of the Royals, and the will of the Afterlife, Wild Equines has become far more dynamic than a simple wild sanctuary free from humans.

This is where you come in.