vampires and carnivores

These are the rules for vampire and carnivore horses.

01. WE allows for vampire and carnivore horses, however you must buy this from the store.

02. When purchased, a staff member will give you a list of four health issues that accompany this lifestyle, and you must pick one of the ones provided, or pick your own. If you do the latter it needs to be approved by staff.

03. If you purchase vampire or carnivore by itself, your character will affected by one illness. If you purchase the combination of vampire/carnivore, then you must have two illnesses. These illnesses may be more severe than others.

04. The illnesses that accompany these lifestyles must be roleplayed out, and cannot be removed by miracle.

05. Vampire/carnivore horses do not have any super powers. They do not have fangs nor sharp teeth. They are just like normal horses with the addition of a mental illness that makes them crave meat and/or blood.

06. Vampires do not suck the blood from their victims, but instead they lap it up like water. Carnivores, as their name suggests, may eat any kind of meat, including other animals and other horses.

07. Vampires and carnivores on Wild Equines are a mental illness, not a physical one. This means that these equines follow this lifestyle because they are influenced to do so from chemicals in their brains. Due to this, these illnesses cannot be passed through bites and other physical means. However, as this is a mental illness, it is possible for sufferers of this illness to pass it on to their children if another vampire/carnivore item is purchased.

08. Some examples of acceptable illnesses that accompany vampires and carnivores are as listed;

Physical Problems:
-Severe weight loss
-Muscle cramps
-Severe fatigue
-Memory Loss/Amnesia

Mental Problems:
-Hallucinations (visual, auditory, tactile)
-Psychotic Episodes

09. If you wish to remove the vampire and/or carnivore illness from your character, you may purchase an item from the Store to do so. If your character is both a vampire and a carnivore, the item must be purchased twice in order to cure both. In order to cure your character of vampire/carnivorism, they must first complete a thread with either the Afterlife or the Vigilum with a minimum of 4 posts each. Once you have hit this limit you may purchase the item and you must link back to the thread. Please note that this item will not cure your character of any lasting health effects due to the vampire/carnivorism. Depending on how much meat and/or blood was consumed, your character may have everlasting health effects - this will be determined by staff when they process your item.