September 2021

OOC September has rolled around, and this month we have another IC race happening! The IC events of the fires have come to an end, thank goodness for that and for the well-being of all our characters.

As of July 26th, 2021, the Wild Equines stats are as follows:

Lights - 226 Characters
Neutrals - 262 Characters
Darks - 334 Characters
Unallianced - 243 Characters



Welcome to Wild Equines! We are a semi-realistic horse roleplay with a classic alliance system. We welcome all levels of roleplayers here and while we do have a 200 word minimum, we have a mentor board to help you reach this limit. We have been around since May of 2007 and are currently on our third version. To get started, please read our Guidebook, located in the navigation bar at the top of your screen.

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September OTM Nominations 2021 by ♡ oliver ♡
Sept 24, 2021 18:28:00 GMT -7
All kinds of important rules and information about Wild Equines is located here, including announcements, guides, and the historical archive.
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Shadows Over Pern[jcink] by Paladin
Sept 24, 2021 18:05:10 GMT -7
If you wish to advertise, then this is the place to go. You may also affiliate with us here. You will need to provide us with a banner and code for your site so we may put it up. Make sure you post in the right subboard or your post will be deleted.
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Change Colored Name by aliyaah
Sept 22, 2021 11:10:33 GMT -7
Here is the store where you can spend your WE points. There are many different prizes, each with a different cost. Make sure you use the form provided.
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Open Thread Rewards by Saphy
Sept 25, 2021 9:27:51 GMT -7
All of our games and point earning events are kept here. Some are monthly games, others might be post at your own rate or special events. So, come on in and play some games to earn WE points for your spending pleasure in the WE Store!
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Any old or dead threads that have been without a reply for more than two months will be moved here.
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*waves* by ♡ oliver ♡
Sept 20, 2021 10:41:31 GMT -7
You can discuss anything here.
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The ending and a new beginning by P r o m i s e
Sept 24, 2021 12:51:55 GMT -7
In this board you may post roleplay searches for your characters and herds as well as create mini-plots with other roleplayers and recruit people for your plots. You may also adopt characters and request disasters and rewards.
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Life & the Army...unsure by not AVA!
Sept 20, 2021 14:26:48 GMT -7
Post here if you are going to be gone for any certain amount of time. Activity checks will be held at random, so post here so you do not get deleted. Also post here if you are quitting.
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Here you can request artwork for your characters and test out graphics and tables.
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Nanami / wip by shizwitch
Sept 25, 2021 18:33:28 GMT -7
Here is where you will create your characters. Please make sure to read the rules before you make your character!
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You can post your character logs here after you have made a character to keep track of them. One thread per person, please.
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All of the herds of Wild Equines are listed here. Each herd has their leads, betas and members organized for easy accessibility. If there are any changes to your herd please update it here.
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Come Stay A While by ♡ oliver ♡
Aug 9, 2021 5:25:46 GMT -7
These are the stealing grounds. Stallions and mares may come here to make a riddle in an attempt to steal another horse. Make sure to use the form provided.
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Stars can't shine without darkness - Open by Saphy
Sept 25, 2021 9:23:28 GMT -7
Inside are the landscapes where equines come to mingle outside of herd boundaries. Inside are several different lands where the different alliances can make themselves known. Careful where you tread, not everybody likes everybody here.
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you know what they say about karma / respira by + ebonite +
Sept 11, 2021 19:15:23 GMT -7
Interlude is an IC board where you roleplay with yourself. What happens to your characters when they aren't interacting with others? What happens if they disappeared for a while - where did they go? Do you want to roleplay two of your own characters together? This board is for that purpose. These threads are a chance for you to develop and have a written account of what your characters are doing when they aren't in threads with others.
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Kauv and Vulcan Boy :) by R0man Num3ral5
Sept 21, 2021 20:55:05 GMT -7
Here is where equines who have decided to mate come to post their stats for a foal.
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scream into the void [Minathiel] by Sunfrost
Sept 19, 2021 15:49:48 GMT -7
Here, the land of the Battlefield is nothing but desert-like sand. The land is charred and cracked from the lack of moisture, though when it does rain, it pours horribly here. The land extends to Tulor Woods to the north, the Free Lands to the east, the beginning of the herd lands to the west, and to the south you will smack into a cliff, one where bones of those who died here lay scattered and sun dried. Here equines come to battle for land, horses, or whatever their reasons. Make sure you follow the rules and the form!
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*-- under duress (Pippin/Sas) by ღ ∂ιѕαѕтєя ღ
Sept 10, 2021 10:36:34 GMT -7

Just take a step into this wonderful land and you'll feel like you're in heaven. The clear blue waters stretch out as far as you can see, lapping gently at the cream-colored sand. Where the sand ends, a rainforest begins. A slight mist is always falling from the sky, and heavy rainshowers happen at least once a day. You may seek shelter from the rain on the beach, or inside one of the many caves, whose ground is covered with grass. The smell of rain is always present here. Be careful, you might not want to leave.

Light King: Solovey
Light Queen: Nixi

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To say goodbye (sunfrost) by Sunfrost
Sept 19, 2021 16:19:24 GMT -7

Hazardous rocky mountains barred off the west and east sides of the land, stopping anyone and everyone entering the land on those sides otherwise it would mean death for them. The shore is located on the southern end of the land, cutting off all the other lands from that side, allowing none to enter. In the northern part of the land lays a thick forest, enclosing the only entrance to the land, many equines will spend a long time weaving through the thick foliage, giving the owner of the land time to become aware of the creature's presence before it reaches the herd. In the middle of the land lays a large pond where the herds fresh water supply is located, small and medium caves protruded from the mountainsides at the bottom, providing good shelter for the herd. Despite all that, however, the land is well known for its beautiful sunsets that light up the sandy beach and the shores, different hues dance across the sky and the waters surface, making them beautiful, mystifying and romantic.

Lord: Ares Nune
Lady: Ramona
Heir/ess: Freyja and Callista

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let's have a chat - roman by P r o m i s e
Sept 24, 2021 22:11:00 GMT -7

Green is the most abundant colour in Jade Mire, the entrance to this domain is through a thickly woven forest. There are few areas where trees are sparse, and these areas give over to expanses of wetlands. Rivers carve the land into pieces, and though there are forest dotting areas of the basin, a majority of the land is marsh-like. The plots of land at the edges of intersecting rivers tend to be damp, but the ground is firm enough for one to stand on. Temperatures in Jade Mire are humid, and pleasant even in winter. Snow and ice tend to cling to the edges of the wetlands, and deep in the bellies of the forests. Summers bring an abundance of humidity and insects with them. The plots of forest become a reprieve for the inhabitants, as they are much cooler and less humid than the rest of the marshland. The types of trees in the forests are deciduous conifers and retain their leaves year round. Within them are small formations of rocks that look as though the mountains had forgotten to take them along. Some tower over the tops of trees, and they offer little shelter to the small creatures that live within the Jade Mire. There is a flourishing ecosystem of complex life in the Jade Mire, and that life does not just include equines. Venomous and poisonous creatures also thrive here, and inhabitants and travelers alike must be careful when traversing through this marshland.

Lady: Nitocris
Lord: Topthorn

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- - * ghosts of the past / gray by + ebonite +
Aug 28, 2021 9:55:01 GMT -7

A land tormented by storms and darkness. The trails that weave through the trees, creating a vast and dangerous maze, are frequently covered in mud. This mud can get deep enough, and treacherous enough, to kill the largest of equines. It is dangerous to drink from any of the puddles that form here, for the water is tainted by the corpses of those that have fallen victim to the mud. The only safe source of water is a cold spring that is located in the large cave in the center of the territory. This is the only place that is safe from the storms, for it sits on top of a hill, and there are two smaller caves beside it. This is where the herd takes shelter when the storms come. But storms and tainted water are not the only things that you have to worry about here. Bears and wolves stalk the forest and if you're not careful, you could become their next meal.

King: Sanctio Est Liberi Dies

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a thousand miles / indi by Indi
Sept 25, 2021 2:38:11 GMT -7

Gentle, rolling hills make up the majority of this territory and they are dotted with towering deciduous trees that turn beautiful colors during the autumn months. The hills gradually become larger, making for sometimes difficult terrain. The hills and the trees provide decent shelter from the weather and certain vantage points in the land make it easy to spot visitors and intruders alike. The summers are generally warm and comfortable here while winters bring healthy amounts of snowfall. There is plenty of wildlife to share the land with, which opens up the possibility of predators. In the distance, mountains can be seen of the neighboring territories, with the borders stopping just a few feet past the base of the mountains. This is where the main water supply is - a mountain stream that runs along the edge of the territory. There are a few clearings in the land that make for ideal gathering places as well as densely packed trees that provide safe places to sleep.

Lead: Casimiro
Beta: Vesuvius

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into the flames | [ali] by ❅ Icy Dragon ✩
Sept 20, 2021 18:47:53 GMT -7

A meadow stands before these lands, behind and to either side, mountains to keep away the winter winds, their steep slopes deadly to any that try, so there be only one entrance. The time of the woods, marked by the largest of the trees in the heart of the lands, were even the day light has almost ceased to exist except in tiny particles of light like fairy dust. Three large streams one from each side, and one from the meadow seem to flow together, and enter the lands, before going off and escaping in some unknown direction, tiny ponds littler the forest in some places, perfect for foals and other equines to play in. The place holds a beauty in all the flowers that almost seem to bloom year round. But be wary, were there is beauty, there is danger, wolves and large cats like to prowl. You may even see the odd bear. Don’t worry though. Those within the land, much like the fairy light brought on by the tree leaf effects, will keep you safe.

Neutral King: Avinash
Neutral Queen: Laqueta

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End of the Road by TrinitySilph
Sept 9, 2021 22:56:44 GMT -7

Somewhere far beyond the depths of the forest, the land is cracked wide open with no feesable way down or across. The canyon stretches quite a length, but a mangable one. The towering, chalky walls have no footholds near the top and set a jagged view of the sky from the canyon floor. Some time of travel would lead to the end of the canyon, where a vast and seemingly endless lake lies sleepily. From there, the only way into the canyon can be spotted. From the shoreline of the lake, a narrow, winding path beings. It follows the lake until a canyon wall rises up to meet it, then it's a tight squeeze between sheer rock and the water before the path finally opens into a small meadow. With the looming, gray walls and the typical fog rolling in off the lake, the sight of lush green is a bit of a shock. With protection from the canyon, this place has seemed to flourish. The bottom of the sheer cliffs offer a few footholds and ledges that wind up to outlooks and peculiar places. Many birds make their homes here and most ledges have nests dotting them. Vines crawl up from the canyon floor and lace the cliffside, growing denser the further back into the canyon. At the very back edge of the canyon, a waterfall pours out from an underground tunnel and into a pool below. From there, a small river flows directly into the lake. Dense, green foliage and flowers can be found beside the water. Even some trees grow thickly near the back wall of the canyon and offer some shelter. However, it's difficult for them to grow tall as the tall canyon walls cause a much later sunrise and a much earlier sunset, often casting the land into darkness far before the moon has a chance to rise. Because of this, a lot of the flora that can be found is often those that require little sunlight and many nocturnal birds can be found nesting in the ledges.

Queen: Chime

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{{ getting to know you (Roman) by aliyaah
Sept 7, 2021 9:37:43 GMT -7

The high rocky walls of the ravine spear off one of the cliff walls that make up Shadow Canyon, the lands neighbouring herd land, slowly sloping down to only a couple of meters high on either side of the narrow pass. Many tall trees line the sides of the ravine as a river flows down along one side. As you get deeper into the lands, the ravine opens up into a valley that was hidden by its walls, consisting of a forest where the ravine's river leads up to a medium-sized waterfall, with a cave mouth hidden behind the curtain of water. The cave itself is tall enough to shelter even the tallest equine and deep enough to provide shelter for a large herd comfortably, with many little caves throughout. In the far end of the valley, hidden away in a well-hidden nook, rests an abandoned castle, overgrown by vines that helps to hide it unless you're up close. Other than having plenty of shelters, the running water is fresh, clean and safe to drink, and there is plenty of fresh green grass to go around. If that isn't enough then the scenery and nightlife itself is something to marvel at, with many flowers dotting the landscape such as rare Black Roses, and beautiful displays of dancing fireflies to dazzle all at nighttime.

Lord: Thor

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let me follow [open] by + ebonite +
Sept 11, 2021 20:46:18 GMT -7

Dark Woods is just that, a dark wood. In these woods all manners of terrifying creatures can be found, and one would not want to be caught here alone, lest you never return. In the midst of these woods, there is a small clearing, an ideal gathering, sheltered on either side by dense forestry. Through this forestry runs a deep, wide river. In some parts, the river runs fast, and is a torrent, in other places it is nearly stagnant and disgusting. Every night, and most of the morning, a thick fog descends upon this forbidding place, causing the dim moonlight to be all but blocked. With its many twisting paths and dead ends, it is fairly easy to get lost here.

The Sovereign: Reth
The Regent: Jazmin
Heirs to the Throne: Vojorn

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-- debts repaid (open) by aliyaah
Sept 21, 2021 23:04:29 GMT -7

A broad span of crystal blue water occupies most of the land of Eacarrah, the lake is surrounded by an amphitheater of mountains, the hollowness of the land magnifying all sounds, from the howling of the nearby wolves to the bumbling of the local bees. The surface of the water is tranquil, barely a ripple breaks the surface until somebody enters, the shoreline is flanked by an avenue of cedar trees, providing home to the influx of birds that occupy the land. Beyond the trees is a small section of forest that leads up to the icy topped mountains which hosts a variety of predators that seem to stick to themselves if undisturbed, a small break in the alps is the only entrance and exit you will find to the mainland. At night, the sky is illuminated with streaks of every color imaginable, that always appear to be dancing. Water is plentiful here, but food is scarce for those who are unaware of where to find it, but be careful as not every tree in this forest is edible, and will poison you upon ingestion.

Lord: Gavin

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the harbinger witch {azzy} by monstera
Sept 25, 2021 10:35:20 GMT -7

Opulent meadows roll into the dense woodland that circles and protects Lachlan Breck. The woods are heavily guarded for every second of every day; no one gets through Lachlan Breck without being stopped by the Royal Guard. The entrance that feeds from the Free Lands is lined with the decapitated heads of those who have crossed the Royals, each head resting on a wooden stake, bones falling to surround each stake as the native predators consume the flesh that held them together. Flowing rivers and streams break through the land, providing plenty of clean water that is safe to drink all year round. Atop a larger hill, in the middle of the meadow, lies the cavern which houses the Queen and King of these lands; its pathway seemingly lit with natural light. The cavern system that spreads through the mountains are tricky to navigate for those who don’t know their way around – this is purposeful to keep the Royals chambers safe from wanderers. In the foothills of the land, lies a secret hollow that is filled with glowing crystals and glasslike water. This cavern is only known of by the Royals themselves, it is not a place herd members would have knowledge of to protect the sacred place. Being so high in the mountains means this land usually keeps fairly cool temperatures in the Summer, but come Winter you will find heavy snowfall. Though, despite the changing seasons – there is never a shortage of food.

Dark King: Joker
Dark Queen: Thomasin

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the secrets we keep [gray] by ♡ oliver ♡
Aug 25, 2021 4:32:26 GMT -7

This is a place of violation and horror. Located within a vast clearing surrounded by a thick, unsettling forest is a large, factory-like building long forgotten by humans, believed to have been some sort of slaughterhouse long ago. Within it are various cells used to slaves, along with bigger rooms where customers can use their toys in private, if they so wish. There are various chains where slaves can be chained up and put on display, as well as a large indoor "pen" where foals under the age of one are kept. Out in the back behind the building are cryptic gravestones left by the humans, the letters and numbers unable to be deciphered. Around the building, the sweet grass is not so sweet. It is stained with blood and dying. However, out towards the western end of the land, there is a massive lake full of fresh water. Around here, the grass grows long and fresh. At the northern end of the land is a massive ditch where the bodies of the dead are thrown and left to rot and decay. There are five entrance/exit ways into The Whore House and they are all heavily guarded at all hours of the day and night. You could always brave your way through the thick, dark forest but that makes a lot of noise and your chances of not getting lost in the darkness are slim. At night and during the early parts of the day, the land is covered in a thick mist that muffles the screams for a few short hours. Guests are only welcome if they bring gifts. If not, they may just find themselves locked away in a cell, never to be seen or heard from again.

Ruler: Carnallust The Charmer

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dark silent night [Ali - Shine] by Sunfrost
Aug 17, 2021 19:05:14 GMT -7

To enter Ittudale, one must first conquer the entry of ice-capped mountains, no matter the season, the peak of these mountains is always covered in ice. It’s a treacherous path that leads down to the rest of the land, many have been known to fall victim to these ridges. Nearing the bottom of the vale you will find the quarters of the Leads and their inner circle, the passage here is found along a jagged rim situated high up enough that from the entrance to their caverns, the key aspects of the valley can be monitored. Alongside each mountain, you will find a stream, all feeding into one spring set at the bottom of the valley. The valley itself is home to a variety of predators – there are very few sanctuaries safe to the herd and only the true locals will know where they can roam freely. It is always in a state of night, the shades of the mountains barely allowing any light to surpass their reach, to find light you will need to find the royal chambers, where the sun reaches. The valley is abundant in foliage, so much so that it creates an eternal maze, one only to be navigated by Ittudale’s members. Beware of this abyss, for once you are lost, you become prey for the roaming hunters.

Grand Duchess: Shine

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all over you [pippin] by ♡ oliver ♡
Aug 15, 2021 13:01:28 GMT -7

Trembling Shadows houses a vast expanse of fields filled with vegetation. The fields take up a majority of the land, with rolling scenic hills that dot the landscape. A meandering stream cuts through the length of the land, and is wide in most places, but some parts of the stream thin out. The stream carves any hills it runs alongside due to the erosion, exposing large dangerous boulders that hang from the hillsides. At times they tumble into the stream, creating a fall hazard for any who wander by at the wrong time. Along much of the fields are fallen and rotted logs, remnants of what was once an abundant jungle climate. This leaves Trembling Shadows a bit more humid but does not prevent snowfall. In a small valley within Trembling Shadows, parts of the jungle carves itself out from the sides of the river. The vibrant flora thrives effortlessly in this particular location in Trembling Shadows. There are vibrant pinks, purples, and reds among other colours in the flora not typically found outside of a jungle climate. Within this small copse of exotic flora is a small place where the stream pools itself. This creates a small, hidden oasis known only to those who live in Trembling Shadows.

Leads: Azriel

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All in the Family {Open} by ♡ oliver ♡
Sept 20, 2021 4:07:19 GMT -7

On the opposite side of the isle, far from the land bridge and the infamous Asylum of Amdusias, lays Damballa House. A large, Victorian Manor House set within acres of dense woodland and with natural springs not too far off, the lands resonate of a time long gone. The house itself is made of sandstone, a muted yellow against the ominous greens and blacks of the forest that smothers it. The house is a shell, a grandiose “what if...” It is said the ghosts of the land drove the builders out, forcing them to abandon their work and tools in the process. The manor remained untouched - it’s long corridors and empty rooms silent for the most part. The manor and it’s springs are accessible only via a long and winding path through hills and dense forest that stems from the white sands of the beach. Imposing iron gates rusted by the sea mist cream and wail in the wind, summoning you to take a look at what’s behind them, at where the path leads...

The Bone Bellied Morderwal: Kraken
His Siren: Aria

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returned to light [Versai] by Sunfrost
Sept 22, 2021 17:55:18 GMT -7

High upon the rocks that reflect a silver light, the Versai keep watch of those who enter the Highlands. There they will present themselves to any visitors, who may request something from the Versai. Should their request be declined, they will be sent on their way, but if the Versai who stands upon the rock accepts, then more information should be taken, and the equines will meet at the bottom of the large plateau.

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little monsters [gray] by ♡ oliver ♡
Sept 24, 2021 18:19:29 GMT -7

A land of beauty and wonder, Lyrarcor is also one of secrets and deception. Though this be one of the most holy of lands, seeing as it is a home of a Versai Sister, there is also a lingering darkness that hovers between the peace and serenity of this land. The borders are protected by a thick line of trees, evergreens, and though the majority of them remain the normal scented emerald all year round, there are a few scattered amongst them that are charred and skeletal, with not a single spot of green on them. Most animals tend to avoid these few trees, though none can give a proper reasoning for it, even to themselves. Leading away from the trees are multiply paths, maze-like and tricky to maneuver through the thick, tall jade grasses that jut out from soil rich in nutrients. For someone who does not know their way around, it can be chaotic and confusing, though at the same time mesmerizing; a lot of the lost and weary souls that come here uninvited get so lost that they are never found again. Some say they eventually find their way out, since there is no evidence of them perishing because no bones litter the grounds here, while others claim that they took an unintended swim in the cool and crisp waters of the spring fed lake that occupies the western side of Lyrarcor. What makes this lake so intimidating is, though the waters are crystal clear, it is impossible to see the bottom and therefor impossible to judge how deep the water truly is. Around the edges, the water is no deeper than chest height, a bit higher on smaller horses and dangerous for foals. However, if you dare to venture more towards the center, you may suddenly find yourself dropping far below the surface of the lake.

High Priestess: Allocen (Trinity)

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what goes around--* [ava] by not AVA!
Sept 24, 2021 13:48:47 GMT -7

Let not its name deceive you. Here lays a vast open canyon, far from anywhere else. It lays in the center of a cold tundra, but, however, the canyon is barely effected by the weather that passes. Not many of the aimless come to the canyon, for its size and climate are not for the weak or lazy sort. The canyon's rock is a deep bronze and ruby colored sort, and it is smooth and weathered. The foliage that lay within resides down by the river which runs down the center of the canyon, and wide, yet shallow piece of water. It contains a sort of valley that contains lush grass and trees, a great paradise to all. The sister that lives within the canyon is the only soul that knows the path down to the river however, but she can usually be found strolling or by the entrance of the canyon walls. In here, there are many crevices and nooks where creatures come at storms or at the night to provide shelter. The temperature is always at it's neutral, never too hot, and never too cold. The only other creature that live here are some smaller creatures; birds and such. The seasons always come lightly, for winter gives a slight snowfall, and summer receives a quaint sunshine. The springs and autumns are where the canyon's beauty shines the best. The peace and quiet of this place attract many looking for a home, and the sister welcomes any who pass.

Druid: Eos (Aurora)

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contemplate the divine [Azzy] by Sunfrost
Aug 24, 2021 16:54:34 GMT -7

Nestled upon the slopes of a mountain within the Highlands, Amaravati is home to more lush vegetation than one would expect for its higher elevation. It is a tiring land to travel to – any visitor must ascend and descend many slopes, save for herd members who know the paths – but Amaravati rewards all those who make the journey with its many meadows rich with greenery and shade. Water flows freely down the slopes, carving the land even as the land grows around and shapes the water. There are trees dotted around the land’s borders, providing shade to the horses standing watch there, but Amaravati’s center is dominated by meadows filled with what is considered by the land’s residents as the purest grasses in the realm. Nothing quite seems to match the pure, soulful beauty of Amaravati’s meadows. It would be easy to conceal oneself here were it not for the winds. There is almost always a steady breeze blowing through the land, ensuring that all within can detect the scent of strangers within minutes. The herd tends to gather in the center of the land, marked by a pool of water fed from the slopes. There are no trees in the center; it is open to the Light of both the sun and the moon. All of Amaravati is treasured by its inhabitants, who often spend their time exploring and learning more about the land they have come to love.

Acharya: Luna (Saniyya)

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lost in the desert / mina by Minaethiel
Sept 19, 2021 15:21:39 GMT -7

The Caerali Desert is an expanse of hot, moistureless desert that serves as a boundary between the Helkaer lands and the land of the allianced territories. It has a couple of oasis spots, their locations only known to the Brotherhood.

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INFERNO [open] by ♡ oliver ♡
Sept 17, 2021 4:19:10 GMT -7

These lands exist on the edge of the Helkaer domain, far away from all that is considered civilized. The living tend to avoid this terrain for upon approach, it provides a very ominous sensation, the reason said to be it is caused by those deceased. Outwardly it can appear rather pretty - it is widely consumed by fields of long grasses, small gatherings of trees every so often. Mist constantly plagues the land and makes it difficult to navigate often, allowing the living to fall victims to the dangers that reside here should they become lost. While the ground above remains quiet, that which lays below is quite different. For those who inhabit the land know the it is not the surface where the truth remains, but rather it is in the caverns below. For buried deep within the midst the land begins to drop, distorting and leading towards a part where the earth seems to have shattered. The result is a descent into caverns consumed by rock, a maze beneath the ground which suits the domain of a worthy Helkaer. Those who are not familiar with the caves will surely be lost within… and the Helkaer member who resides here has a habit of collecting these bodies and stashing them in one of the deepest hollows, leaving the underground with an ever constant stench of death.

Commander: Sly

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Looking Ahead {Herd Meeting} by Indi
Jul 31, 2021 5:48:35 GMT -7

The trees are dead and the grasses are long and brittle. The ground is baked and has hints of ash in them, and sandstorms further batter an already damaged land. But things still grow here, edible weeds and grasses hidden among the taller stalks of hardier plants. Pools of water can be found underneath overhangs carved by centuries of wind and water degradation, the largest of which being the size of a pond. While life here is harsh and dependent on the seasonal rains filling the water sources for the year, the denizens here are just as tough, and their leader does not yield in the face of threats be they from the living, or the land.

General: Undead Legion

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sister mine / techno by + ebonite +
Sept 24, 2021 22:15:28 GMT -7

A wide open landscape cloaked in a sea of long vibrant colored grass swaying in the relentless cloudy air. Toxin Raj rarely sees the light of the sun and its bowl-like plain is surrounded by mountains and forestry. The lack of cover makes it easy to spot predators and intruders alike and patrols circle the borders day and night. Beware of most of the plants that grow in these meadows. They are exceptionally deadly if consumed. Only strips of lime colored grass have been deemed safe. In the center of the landscape, an uncanny tumble of oblong rocks lean on one another, circling a small opening with a huge gaping hole that has a ramp of smooth stone leading into dark, cool depths. Moss grows abundant around a dribbling stream of water that feeds a large pool in a smooth dip of the rock. Where light from the hole does not shine and lining the rest of the ceiling are peculiar glowing worms looking like green starlight throughout the place. Residents plunge into the depths for both shelter and drink. More tunnels branch off from the main room, but they remain mysterious and unexplored.

Private: Nemesis

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Unholiest of Holy [Utopian Leads] by ♡ oliver ♡
Sept 22, 2021 4:04:50 GMT -7

The land of Eden hosts a massive garden, filled with flowers and edible plants. The weather here is strangely stable all year round, which gives clues to its connections to the Afterlife and its realms. Here, both the living and the dead may tread. All are created equal and any Afterlife equine possessing powers loses them once they cross the boundary. The entrances to the Afterlife realms reside here, but they are blocked off by treacherous mountains that mortals cannot traverse. Beneath these mountains flow the rivers of power that eventually become the Elysian Rivers. No attacks can be played here; all are safe within its walls. It is here all equines can speak, no matter their fate.

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a new start? [Utopia Leaders] by P r o m i s e
Sept 24, 2021 21:48:51 GMT -7

As the first stop for all equine who have passed on, Asphodel greets its residents with eerie silence. It's as if time has frozen everything that was, is and ever will be in this land. No wind to rustle leaves; no ripples in any water's glass-like surface. Plants are all seemingly stuck in various stages of life. Some remain dried and withered, while others bud without blooming for an eternity. Colors are dim and seem almost faded with time. A perpetual dim sky offers just enough light to see, but it's impossible to tell if it's a permanent dawn or dusk. Nothing ever changes here, among the dead.

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clarity / gray by + ebonite +
Sept 19, 2021 20:51:47 GMT -7

This land is lush and green and any equine living here seems almost weightless. The days are long and the nights are short. This land often appears as a bright, beautiful meadow, although it can transform to portray the inner desires of the equine regarding it.

Lord of Utopia: Nehemiah
Lady of Utopia: Rasa

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Honey I'm home! - Azzy by R0man Num3ral5
Sept 24, 2021 2:48:02 GMT -7

This land is charred and very hot. Cliffs tower over the land and surround it, there is only one way in and one way out. Once here you may not leave without permission or you risk the wrath of the Underworld rulers.

Lord of Hell: Xerxes
Lady of Hell: Mictecacihautl

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