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Couple's Retreat - Respira and Zana's Rose by ❅ Icy Dragon ✩
Feb 21, 2024 18:10:50 GMT -7

A tiered alcove in a crescent moon-cut of the canyon, Crystal Pools has layers of hot springs fed from under ground sources that spill into each other in thin, trickling water falls. The water is a clean, crisp and clear blue-white with waves of steam hovering in the air. Some of the pools have soft, white sandy floors while others have a clear crystal bottom that provides a glowing reflection of light from the moon at night.

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take me to the church. by JUNI!
Feb 19, 2024 12:48:29 GMT -7

The best way to describe this place is heat. Heat is everywhere. It comes from under the ground where hot steaming water runs into the hot springs that cover the grounds. Once in a while the hot springs belch high up in the air and spray hot water all around it. So it is better to watch your step and don't stand too close. Not much growth is in the land around the hot springs, so this place feels like a desert, just much more dangerous than a normal one. Those breathtaking hot springs are worth visiting though because there goes stories around Wild Equines that when the hot springs belch you can hear the voices of those who have passed on.

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Singles Mingle - Kashmir and Anwen by A z z y
Feb 21, 2024 22:49:37 GMT -7

In these rolling and lush meadows are beautiful in the spring and summer time, though they cannot evade the harsh snows of winter. They are generally meadows with scattered tree lines, and several bubbling creeks make up this wonderful and calming land. Many mares gather in hopes of finding a place to call home. All alliances are welcome here, but beware ladies, there are no boundaries meaning that you may be leaving with somebody you don't like.

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take it slow [open] by fleabittengray
Jan 23, 2024 8:32:16 GMT -7

Here, the landscape is a bit rougher and more suited to the rugged and rough boys whom are expelled from their families. These small mountains have jagged rocks jutting from the grounds as you climb through the juniper bushes. Many bachelor stallions like to come here to test their strengths against one another, and prove they are the best, though mares will travel here as well, bachelor stallions can also come here to find a homeland for themselves.

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*--Solemn Vows [open] by fleabittengray
Feb 11, 2024 2:50:41 GMT -7

The country here is one of a mysterious air, as mares bring their foals through the wonderful mountain scenery. Traveling through the flat landscape, mountains surround the landscape as you break through the forest. At first glance the lake is massive, stretching nearly a mile long and half a mile wide, though at closer inspection it is perfect for foals, as it gets no deeper then four and a half feet deep. So here mothers can bring their babies with little worry of harm coming to them.

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Amaranthine Wars Act 2 - Draum and Azriel by aliyaah
Feb 3, 2024 15:49:36 GMT -7

These lands are settled in the open plains, following the trail out of the forest away from Iosis Lake. Here the tall grasses are good for concealing young foals. Sadly enough, this is where abandoned or orphaned foals come to find a new mother, for the lack of predators hiding around here.

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Deep in the forest, horses will come across an extremely overgrown barrier, one that only foals seem to be able to penetrate, making this a strict foal zone only. Once the foals break through the barrier, it doesn't take long to find the clearing. Here the forest seems to make a large circle, inside a bubbling creek as well as a small mass of rock cliffs make this quite the interesting place for foals to play and make new friends.

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x.A Moment of Extreme Crisis in the Middle of Nowhere [Gray] by fleabittengray
Feb 21, 2024 4:24:39 GMT -7

Here, a settling walk through the forest will bring you out to the calm shores of Opaque Beach. Known as the light hang out because of the weather always seems to stay a gentle 75 degrees year round. The gentle waves lap against the white sand shores make a perfect place for lights to come mingle in peace.

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existential misery [echo x charm] by noh
Feb 9, 2024 17:45:25 GMT -7

Hidden within the folds of the small rounded mountains, a large meadow is seated down in the saddle of two tall mountains. Here the landscape is generally extremely lush in the summer, with grasses up to equines knees in places. Though in the winter the snow can easily get as deep. Here the neutrals have taken a liking because of its seclusion and generally hidden motions within the mountains. They like to come and mingle and explore, generally to make friends and find possible herd members.

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Amaranthine Wars Act 2 - Castiel and Sinne by Indi
Feb 18, 2024 7:42:17 GMT -7

At the very edge of the large Kunipar Desert, these jagged cliffs extend over the purple tinted ocean. Here, it seems a storm is likely to hit almost daily. There is no vegetation here, and the cliffs are bone dry as equines move along them. Darks generally converse here, seeing as the danger that the storm presents and the excitement of the cliffs. You can descend into the maze of canyons the cliffs create, but be careful, during storms these have been known to flood.

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Amaranthine Wars Act 2 - Xovad and Harlan by fleabittengray
Feb 20, 2024 5:39:55 GMT -7

Here is where generally the alliances mingle. Sitting almost centered of all the alliance freelands, this soft meadow has a touch of each of the alliances lands. The beach is the major part, extending off of Opaque Beach. Traveling farther you will run into the tall trees that surround Kular Valley and following it to far will lead you into Kunipar Desert, so watch where you step, because this land is free territory.

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Amaranthine Wars Act 2 - Regina and Harlan by ღ ∂ιѕαѕтєя ღ
Feb 20, 2024 6:46:20 GMT -7

The jungle named for being "sunlit". A thick mist covers the land for many hours of the day, leaving the weather feeling sticky, hot and humid. The sun cascades down through the mist and creates odd beams of light on the moist floor. It's a lovely land with lots of strange sounds and green foliage as far as the eye can see. Trees of all shapes and sizes crowd the earth, sometimes making it hard to pass through. Deep within the land lies a hidden waterfall and is the only source of water for miles around. But many must be careful when coming here, since it is the only place to find water and predators are close. Tall and jagged rock formations cover the land as well, leaving dips and creating small valleys. All alliances mingle here.

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as it was by faeriiefox
Feb 15, 2024 9:05:35 GMT -7

Named for its ominous demeanour, Pahaendeline is an overgrown graveyard of the most haunted sort. Some are convinced that this is where the ghosts of Wild Equines make their home, for while the ever constant wind passes by the tombstones, their whispers can be heard. Whether it is simply nostalgia at play, or works of a higher power such as the Afterlife playing tricks, equines often say that they can see their deceased loved ones here, their bodies materializing in the mist. It is certainly a spooky place, and not for the faint of heart. At the centre of these lands, a mysterious tower looms over all else, its power and purpose unknown. All alliances mingle here.

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Amaranthine Wars Act 2 - Reznikov and Vyreth by Indi
Jan 26, 2024 20:33:49 GMT -7

When the earth divided, some of the environments surrounding the free lands shifted as well. This made it possible for equines to access areas that they couldn't before. Mount Malvolia is one of these places - just beyond the range of mountains that includes Mount Vigilum, Mount Malvolia stands alone. It is an active volcano, having just recently erupted. Molten hot lava streams down its sides, and the closer you get the less sturdy the terrain seems to be. Only those brave of heart will traverse closer to the volcano's edge, for others fear that the earth will collapse beneath them. It is uncertain as to whether or not this volcano will erupt again any time soon... But it appears as though it may.

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ghosts with heartbeats [open] by Sunfrost
Feb 13, 2024 20:47:35 GMT -7

The Forsaken Mire is a swamp type territory that lays just beyond Mount Vigilum, at the end of the mountain range. If one exits the tree line that surrounds the heart of the swamp, you get a clear view of Mount Malvolia. This swamp has come to be named as such because of its creepy, dangerous terrain. Even when you are not walking within the swampy waters themselves, the earth is soft and pliable, soaking wet and it sinks beneath the weight of all those who pass here. If one looks within its clear waters, they might see the bones of those who became ensnared within the mire's grasp.

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Promises To Keep (Vigilum Ritual) by Pippin
Oct 28, 2023 14:59:33 GMT -7

Three rivers emerge from a rocky wall - the rivers are extensions of Eden and the Afterlife itself, and represent a balance within Wild Equines. These are the rivers of Righteousness, Justice, and Discord. All may enter here, but there are only few who understand the power these lands hold, and how to use it...

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some time together [Pippin] by Sunfrost
Feb 2, 2024 18:38:58 GMT -7

A statuesque mountain towering over a range of those much smaller. It's peak is bare and pointed, continually assaulted by storms and tempests. From the summit the rocky surface slopes down into a plateau, a much more viable area for the equines who venture here. A precipice above separates the majority of the climate from the plateau, so that the destruction is often minimized to showers and occasionally rockslides.

This is the land where the mighty group, the Vigilum, can be found. They are a group of 5 equals, known amongst Wild Equines as peace keepers. They side with everyone, yet they side with no one. If one requires their aid, they should seek them out here.

Land of the Free

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