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A secluded valley, hidden by rows upon rows of tightly packed trees has a quaint little field, flat and firm. A river runs through the center, along with many boulders, presenting the Versai with a perfectly suited obstacle course. The many trees offering their thick barks for target practice for battles that may embark upon the Versai's paths. A thick canopy isolates the area from the sun, and any possible rains.
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Truth Will Find A Way (Cleansing)~ Ava by not AVA!
Jun 3, 2021 10:59:42 GMT -7
The sweet grasses surrounding the large hot springs are delicious, and fit for the Versai. The waters offer relaxation, and cleansing for Versai members. Versai may bring equines here who desire purification of their souls, a painful, yet welcoming process. High upon the cliffs that surround the hot springs, you can find plants that offer in them hallucinagens. Upon gazing into the waters, one can see the current status of their soul, and it is there that the Versai will decide upon whether or not purification is necessary.
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