Hello and welcome to Wild Equines version 3! Wild Equines is a semi-realistic equine roleplay with modest fantasy aspects. We are a traditional alliance based roleplay, with the addition of canon factions that can either oppose or ally with the alliances.

Wild Equines has been around since May 9th of 2007, and was originally created by Princess Gemini. It is currently on its third version, which is run by Aliyaah.

Anything on the site that requires a time limit (events, posting times, etcetera) are set to WE time. This is GMT -6/-7 (Mountain Standard Time - our administrator's time zone). There is a clock present at the bottom of the forum that also shows what time it is.

Are you new around here? This will help get you started. This guidebook contains all of the information, rules, and guides needed to understand how things work here. Give them a quick read through and it should give you insight on what we are about. Feel free to explore the guidebook and if you have any questions, feel free to contact a staff member!

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