Below are the rules for character creation and posting. Please read through these thoroughly before creating and posting your characters.


01. In order to create a character, you must create a character application in the "Take a Breath" board.

02. You are allowed to alter the bio form that is provided, so long as the information is the same and you have filled in all the criteria.

03. You must wait for your character to be accepted by a staff member before you may start role playing with them. The exception is the "Character Development" board, which is meant to aid you if you are having problems developing your character.

04. Hybrids and cousins of horses are allowed on Wild Equines. As a semi-realistic site, we allow these to be breedable if you wish (example: Zebras, Donkies, Mules, Zorses).

05. We only allow natural coloured horses on Wild Equines and no abnormal coloured horses are allowed (such as blue coats, green manes etc.). Horses in the Afterlife are allowed to have horns and/or wings, however they are the only horses who may do so. No equine may have metal attachments.

Please note when it comes to wings, only the Lords & Ladies (canons) and daeva may have both wings and horns. Angels and demons may have one or the other. In addition, we only accept wings of feathers, bats, or bone. For horns we only allow one set, as well as realistic horns that come from other animals such as ram, goats, sheep, oxen, etc. Once you've picked a horn type and are unsure if it's allowed just ask a staff member. Horns or wings may be chosen only after your character has been accepted into Utopia or the Underworld.

06. Once a character has been created, in order to make any major changes to them you must purchase the item from the store pertaining to said changes.

07. If you are joining with a pregnant mare, you must also create a bio for the foal and have it accepted, even if you are not playing the foal at the time. If you are joining with a foal under 6 months, then you must either join the mother with the foal, or have a nursing mother lined up for the foal. You do not need to include a personality for foals that are under 6 months old (including unborn foals).

08. Your character is allowed to have one animal companion without the purchase of a store item. These include animals like birds, wolves, and foxes. The companion must be smaller than your horse. The companion can only speak with your horse and may not be roleplayed.

09. Characters who die or are killed off IC or OOC and posted in the Cemetery board cannot come back to life unless they are reincarnated through the Afterlife. Please see the Afterlife section for more information on reincarnation. If you would like to take a break from playing a certain character, you are free to "freeze" them and post them in the Frozen board under the Cemetery board. You are free to bring these characters back as you like.

10. In terms of leaving Wild Equines and the status of your characters upon returning;

If your account was deleted - You must re-make all of your characters. All of your characters will have been marked as "vanished" from Wild Equines unless you specified otherwise. You must re-purchase all of your store items. You cannot claim your OTM prizes or Holiday gifts.

If your account was NOT deleted - You do not have to remake all of your characters, however, if you make any changes to them at all, you are expected to get them accepted again. You do not have to re-purchase all of your store items

Regardless of your account status, if you adopted any characters, you must get permission from their original owner in order to roleplay them again. Also, regarding store items on the character, you do not have to repurchase them if your character was adopted out, due to them 'already being on the character'.


01. We have a 200+ word minimum set in place. If you feel you need help with role playing please check out our mentoring board. If you don't want to do it publicly, please feel free to pm a staff member.

02. Please make sure to be distinct between IC and OOC when roleplaying as to keep confusion from rising. IC means an "in character" post, whereas OOC means "out of character".

03. We allow liquid time, meaning your character can be in more than just one place or thread at one time.

04. God moding is not allowed unless you have received prior permission from the person you are roleplaying with. The exception of this is several canon positions and their abilities.

05. Threads that are not posted in for more than two months will be moved to Archives. If you need a thread moved either to Archives or from it, please post in the Staff Requests thread.