Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wild Equines?

Wild Equines is a semi-realistic wild horse RPG. This means that there are no powers or unnatural coat colors on this site. However, we are semi-realistic in the fact that we have the Afterlife section, which contains immortal horses possessing wings and/or horns, and certain store items that give your characters cool things like odd markings or color changing eyes. We have been around since May of 2007 and are currently on our third version.

What does WE stand for?

WE stands for Wild Equines. This is a general term that most members use to easily talk about the site, without having to type out the entire thing each time.

What is OOC and IC?

OOC and IC are references to posting. OOC stands for Out Of Character. This means when you're posting, and you put OOC, the other person knows that you are talking as the roleplayer, not the character. IC stands for In Character. This means the opposite of OOC, meaning when you post IC, the other person knows that it is a character talking or doing an action.

What is muse?

Muse is a reference to a writer's ability to write. When people say they have 'low muse' they mean that they don't have really any creativity for a post, and opposite when they say they have 'high muse'.

What is stealing?

Stealing is when a horse attempts to take another horse from its family or home. Stealing is usually used when a horse wants to get revenge on someone or when a horse wants to rescue someone. If you find a mare or stallion that your horse would like to have in their herd (as a slave or what not) you can find the horse's bio and find certain clues, such as what color they are, age, markings, past, personality, you can pretty much use anything as a clue (except for gender). You take these clues and put them into a riddle and post it in the stealing board. Other members will post blocks, trying to guess who you're stealing. If your steal is blocked, then you'll either have to try again later, or challenge for the horse. If your steal goes through, the horse you stole must go with your horse for two weeks minimum. Then, someone may challenge for the horse you stole, back. Stealing is a very useful tool for drama, plots and the like.

What is Powerplaying?

Powerplaying is when you are roleplaying your character with another person and you begin to control that person's character without their prior permission. Example: Say you play a horse named Jay and you are playing with a person whose horse is named Lee. While playing you say: Jay reached out and knocked Lee to the ground, biting him harshly. That right there is power playing because Lee's player did not give permission for you to say that he was knocked to the ground and bitten.

What is God Moding?

God Moding is when you play your character like they are invincible. When you are fighting [in character of course] and your character miraculously dodges all the blows or is not damaged by the blows that is considered 'making your horse like a god.'

What is Meta-gaming?

Meta-gaming refers to when your character possesses knowledge that they shouldn't have. Your character having knowledge of a conversation that took place between two characters and not being present themselves, or them knowing the name of a horse they have never met before are two examples of meta-gaming. Some roleplayers are fine with this, some roleplayers require prior discussion, and some roleplayers do not allow it at all. Please make sure you are on the same page with this when roleplaying with another person!