Stealing on Wild Equines is when a character attempts to take another character from their family or home. Stealing is done OOC through the stealing board, in which the roleplayer attempting to make a steal posts a riddle about the character they are targeting. Other roleplayers will post blocks with their own characters in an attempt to block the steal.

Please make sure to reference the Herd Directory when posting steals, as this board contains all of the up to date herd ranking information.

01. Any character that has a home and is at least two years of age can make a steal.

Steals start on the day and time posted. They will end three days later at the same time. You are required to post the exact date, time, and time zone in which this occurs (you may use your own time zone for your ease), as well as fill out the Stealing Form, which contains information about the character doing the steal. You must also include gender and age of the character you are stealing (mare or stallion, colt or filly). These do not count as part of the four hints as mentioned below.

When making a riddle, you must include four hints that pertain to the character that you are targeting. Only two of these hints can be number hints. Please post these hints in the "riddle" portion of the steal, and not in any other area of the steal (ie. title of the thread, above form, etcetera).

If you post away and are not accepting challenges or steals, you cannot make challenges or steals either.

02. Any character can be stolen, so long as they are living in a herd and have someone to block them. Canon characters are included in this rule, except for the Afterlife. Afterlife characters cannot be physically stolen, but may have their souls stolen. For more information, please read the Afterlife tab.

03. Characters must be at least two years of age in order to block another character. Only lead horses, betas, or immediate family can block. When posting a block, you are only allowed to block three characters per horse (you may purchase additional blocks for your character in the store).

You must include the relation to these characters, as well as post reasons why you're blocking a certain character. You may block your own characters so long as they have the proper connection as defined below:

- Leads and Betas may block anyone in the herd
- Mates may block one another
- A parent or guardian may block their child so long as they are under the age of two
- Herd members may only block their lead if there is no one else available to (no mate, other lead, or Beta)

04. If your steal is successful, you are required to post who you stole, who you stole them from, and the hints that lead to this certain character. You are required to post both the character's names and the player's names.

With a successful steal, the understanding is that the stealer has come and taken the stolen away. This part does not have to be done IC, as the thread can begin after the stolen has technically been taken away. The riddles made for steals are solely for OOC uses to see whether or not the steal is successful, and does not need to be mentioned IC.

05. When a steal is successful, the stolen must post a thread within 15 days, and the stealer must respond within 15 days. Then, both the stealer and the stolen must continue the thread, posting within 15 days of each other's responses. If the stealer and/or the stolen need an extension, we allow a maximum of 15 extra days (30 days in total). You can ask the other roleplayer involved for an extension, or an Admin, Co-Admin, or Global Mod.

If the stealer does not post, the stolen goes free. If the stolen does not post, they cannot be stolen or challenged for until they do. There must be three posts each in this thread before the stolen can be stolen again or challenged for.

06. If a steal is successful, the herd that was stolen from is immune from steals for two weeks. This will be listed in the Steal Immunity thread.

07. You are allowed three successful steals per week. This week limit starts at the end of the third successful steal.

08. If a steal was successfully blocked, the targeted character may not be challenged for by the individual who made the steal for one week.

09. You may purchase immunities for your character(s) or herds by purchasing the appropriate store items.