This page contains all of the main rules of the site, in addition to rules for the chatbox and credits for the skin design and layout.


01. While we are an intermediate to advanced roleplaying site, we accept all levels of writers. We have a 200 words minimum for IC posts - however should any member find difficulty reaching this requirement, we also have mentor boards in which members can help one another with their writing.

02. The Wild Equines site is set to the Mountain Standard Time Zone. Staff members will use this time zone to end contests, auditions, and update the canon activity thread.

03. Wild Equines is rated PG13 and we have a 2 2 2 rating. We comply with Proboards TOS and its community guidelines. We do not allow excessive violence or graphic breeding in posts. Mild to medium cursing is allowed on this site, but please do not abuse this, and be thoughtful of others when using it. The only place that we do not allow cursing is in thread titles. If your thread contains sensitive content, you are required to use trigger warnings in your posts to warn people of sensitive content. Please be warned that because our archives contain old, archived threads they may not have content warnings.

In addition, you may also utilize thread labels to warn people of content. However, this is optional as thread labels do not stay if threads are moved, so you must still use trigger warnings in your posts. The thread labels are as follows:

  • Language: If your thread contains excessive swearing and/or vulgar language.
  • Sexual content: If your thread contains sexual content such as touching or suggestive thoughts or language. Keep in mind that graphic breeding is not allowed and to utilize "fade to black."
  • Sensitive topics: If your thread contains topics such as rape, child abuse, death, murder, trauma, slavery, or torture.
  • Violence: If your thread contains violence such as fighting, and/or descriptions of wounds/injuries, and/or blood.

04. Our site is a one account per person site, and you may roleplay all of your characters from one account. The staff routinely check IP addresses, and so if we find that you have multiple accounts we will approach you about it and ask you to remove one.

05. If you are going to be gone for any period of time please inform us in the absent board. Inactive accounts are removed from WE, as we have activity checks every several months. In addition, if you do not post within 10 days of you joining, your account will be deleted.

06. Bashing, flaming, or any sort of hate or bullying will not be tolerated at all whatsoever. This will result in complete banning from Wild Equines. As well, please no fighting - if you have a problem please take it to staff to help sort out. If a member is being unnecessarily rude to another, they will firstly receive a warning. Upon second offence they will receive a ban, the length of which will be determined by the severity of the offence.

07. In accordance with rule 6, any sort of OOC drama taken to IC will not be tolerated. Please be respectful of other roleplayers when writing a character that is excessively cruel, and if a member states that how you are roleplaying the character makes them uncomfortable, please either cease the thread or back off in terms of the character. If problems persist, please approach a staff member.

08. If you need a staff's help for something objective such as moving a thread, transferring points, etc, please fill out a form in the Staff Requests thread. Staff will get to this as soon as they can! This thread helps us better keep track of getting tasks done for members, so please utilize it as much as possible if you need something done.

Any disregard or disrespecting of the rules can lead to a warning and temporary ban upon multiple offences.

Please note that upon joining Wild Equines and roleplaying here, you are agreeing to abide by the rules set in place by the site.

cbox rules

01. First and foremost, respect everyone in the chat box regardless if they are a guest, member, or staff member. Bashing or flaming will not be tolerated. If someone comes into the chat box and is causing a problem, notify a staff member immediately.

02. Impersonation or pretending to be someone else on the site in the chat box will not be tolerated. Do not do it and we can easily find out who is impersonating who.

03. Please do not advertise in the chat box; we have an advertising and affiliation board for those things! Advertising includes posting direct links in the chat box as well as having a link in your name with messages directing other members to click on the links to transfer them to another site.

04. Please keep all conversation in the chat box appropriate for all ages. Yes, Proboards is meant to be for individuals of the age 13 and older but that does not mean that all guests or members are above the age of 13. You never know who is reading or watching the chat box at any given time. It could be a ten year old child or the creators of Proboards themselves and topics that are rated PG-13+ can get the site shut down. This also extends to sexually oriented, racist, sexist, and other sensitive topics. If you must talk about these things, please keep it to PMs or somewhere off the site. If someone asks you to change the subject, please do so politely out of respect for their personal reasons.

05. We do not have any bans against profane language or cursing but it does not have to be every other word. Remember, you never know who is reading the chat box.

06. Fighting, rude or disrespectful behavior towards others in the chat box will result in consequences and a ban if necessary. If you are having a bad day, please don't take it out on others around you in the chat box. If you find yourself becoming heated about something in the chat box, step away from the keyboard. You will receive one warning for such behavior and then the consequences will incur upon the next violation of this rule.

07. Any disrespectful comments towards the site, its members, or its rules will result in expulsion from the chat box. If you have a comment to make, make it in QCS, as the chat box is not the place.


This Wild Equines skin was created by Ebonite and is to be used by Wild Equines only. If you would like to know more about codes - please ask! The banner image was created by Ripshank at The original image is hosted here. The favicon was made by Techno.

Board remodel, thread and messenger remodels, mini-profile remodel, and user profile remodel were all created by Ebonite. Board description hover, mini-profile hover, and apparate table was created by Trinity Blair, and sticky menu bar was created by Elli, both at Adoxography. Tabbed categories were created by Shorty and the side-by-side board template was created by iPokemon, both at Proboards Support. Plug-ins are from Proboards Support.

Images on board descriptions were created from CC Licensed pictures on Flickr and Unsplash.

All characters, posts, land descriptions, and other creative material is copyrighted to its respective owner.