These are the images rules for the website - please consult these rules when posting any images on the site.

01. We only allow the use of CC stock images and properly credited artwork on Wild Equines. CC stock images can be found on sites such as Deviantart,, and Flickr - if using from a site other than these listed, you must have proof of permission to use the image. Please read and understand the image owners terms of use before using the images on the site.

02. Full stock pictures are only to be used on character applications, herd stats, and Tulor Woods stats.

03. We ask that all images used on our site have a link back to the original, so that we can ensure that the use is following the stock provider rules; this includes having credits directly on the image if used off site, as many stock providers ask to do. Please do not use/upload pictures from Imgur, ImageBB, Photobucket, or Tinypic as their TOS forbids users from uploading images for use on forums. Allowed sites for uploads include: Deviantart (including Stash), Flickr, and NickPicHost.

04. If you would like to use a posting table with artwork (i.e. a drawing or photomanipulation etc. of the character), you must have it approved through the Table Approval thread here before it can be used. Tables with gifs (such as from Tumblr) or pure text tables do not need to be approved.

05. The current size for the WE hover avatar is 230x350. It will automatically resize your image if it is too big. The smaller image/GIF underneath your hover avatar is 230x150.

06. Commissioned images do not belong to the character. They belong to the person who paid for them. Therefore if you are adopting a character from someone, you don't automatically have permission to use the image. You must ask the person who purchased the image. This also means that if the character was adopted out and the adopter gained permission to use the image, they do not have the right to give someone else permission to use it should the character be adopted out again. This is specific to adoptions on WE. You can of course have different arrangements if you have adopted off of WE, or make different arrangements on site as well so long as both parties agree to the terms.

Why are we strict on images? Many individuals, especially those partaking in online SIM/RPG do not understand copyright regulations. Much of that which is posted online is respective to their owners, and is not for the use of others. That being said, if it is found by the owner of the image that their property is being misused, they have the right by the copyright act to take legal action. To avoid such situation, as well as for the respect of others and their work, we must abide by the rules placed by the original owners as well as properly credit them.